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Working principle of albite PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Время: 2023-12-06

high gradient magnetic separation

The raw ore of 0.5-5mm is sent into the upper hopper, the material is vibrated by the vibration motor, and the output can be adjusted by the hand wheel. The MAGNETIC roll is driven by the speed regulating motor, and the speed of the speed is scheduled by the speed regulating meter, which can control the output of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR and the iron content of the concentrate.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The ore particles are sent to PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR through the conveyor belt. Because the ore particles of iron ore are magnetic, they are immediately adsorbed on the magnetic roller by the strong magnetic field, while the potassium albite is not magnetic (the magnetism is very weak), the strong magnetic force of the magnetic roller does not affect it. With the change of the magnetic roller, the ore particles are always absorbed on the magnetic roller. The potassium albite is thrown in front of the separator when the magnetic roll is turned to the front orientation (the concentration level can be adjusted by changing the size of the separator Angle),

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

When the ore particles continue to be brought to the demagnetization zone by the magnetic roller, they automatically fall into a sorting hopper and collect as finished concentrate. Because the gangue dropped by the upper MAGNETIC roller also contains some ore particles with weaker magnetic properties, they will enter the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR and continue magnetic separation in the lower magnetic roller. After magnetic separation, the finished ore particles enter the secondary sorting hopper and are collected as finished products. The gangue thrown out is discharged through the tailings port, so that the magnetic separation process ends.

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